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Are hair products safe for fire performance?

As a fire performer, safety is a huge concern. There's a lot of debate in the fire performance community whether or not it's safe to use hair products like hair spray, pomades, gels, or etc. around fire props. Some people avoid it altogether, and others apply products with abandon.

A couple years ago, I got an undercut and saved my hair to do some tests and see for myself what happened. This is by no means a scientific study or the end all be all guide to hair products for fire performance.

However, it was a great place for me to start understanding exactly what might happen with different hair products if the flame touched my hair. I hope that it helps others make a more informed decision about what they choose.

Also, it meant I got to light some things on fire for fun. Clearly, something I enjoy doing...

Find out my conclusions by watching the YouTube video I made.

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