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Fort Worth Fire Beats

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Fort Worth Fire Beats is a monthly event hosted by yours truly and a team of hardworking performing artists & creatives at Shipping & Receiving Bar in Fort Worth. The event features an open drum circle led by Kent Multer, music by DJ Scott Stanley, an open fire circle, yoga/movement, vendors, a food truck, belly dancers, and more!

Find out more by following the Fire Beats page on social media:

Support Fire Beats by shopping our Amazon shop! We've linked a bunch of our favorite products and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Those earnings get donated to Fort Worth Fire Beats.

(2023 UPDATE: We are still currently on hiatus and looking for the perfect new venue able to host our incredible event/community.)

Meet the Fire Beats leadership team...


  • Wildfire Tina, queen bee

  • Daisy Pardo, entertainment

RHYTHM GURU (aka drum circle leader)

  • Kent Multer


  • Scott Stanley

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