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Halloween Faves & Finds for 2020

Halloween is near, and I'm so excited! I love when the weather changes and people start decorating their front porches. Even though this year it won't be the same due to COVID, it feels like a little bit of normalcy to see the festive decor.

Not only is it one of my favorite holidays; it's also going to be a very special Halloween this year.

It'll be a full moon (and a blue moon), and I'm tying the knot under her bright glow. In preparation for my upcoming nuptials, I've done a lot of Internet scouring for spook-tacular Halloween decorations and costume items, and I wanted to share some of my favorites and some of my cool finds. Enjoy!

Wool Blend Witches Hat

I ordered a beige one and dressed it up with some flowers from Michael's craft store, and I'll be wearing it on my wedding ceremony day on Halloween. I love how the brim has wire and can be shaped to fit whatever aesthetic you're going for.

It was also the perfect fit for a witchy fantasy photo shoot I did with some fun new friends in New Mexico.

More photos from that shoot coming soon!

Cast Iron Cauldrons

For a long time, I've wanted a cast iron mini cauldron for burning loose incense. This year I finally ordered one. To burn the incense, I light a hookah coal and place it in the bottom. Then I sprinkle my homemade loose incense over the top and voila! It smells heavenly, especially when I use pieces of sap that my partner and I collect from pine trees when we go hiking.

Here are a couple fun options...

If you need coals, you can find them here. And if you'd like to purchase some pre-made loose incense, I highly recommend the blends made by my friend Wendy which can be purchased from Artio Artisanals.

Black Candles & Candle Holders

I love black candles for protection and grounding rituals, and I knew I'd need some for our wedding day alter. It's certainly a fun Halloween vibe, but one that serves an important purpose during this time of year.

There were tons of options, too.

Faux Fur Shawls

For all those chilly fall evenings and late night Halloween adventures, I wanted to make sure I had enough layers for warmth. Plus these will work great for late night festivals and regional burns, too. I definitely had fond Burning Man memories as I shopped around for the right one for this year. I love the black faux fur jacket I brought with me last year (it still had playa dust when I pulled it out of my winter clothes storage recently), but I needed a brown one to match my witchy wedding dress this year.

Fishnets for my Wishlist

At this point, I really needed to stop bleeding money on Amazon. However, I found some ADORABLE fishnets that I added to my wishlist for another time perhaps. It's hard to see without clicking on them so I highly recommend you do. The first pair has moons and stars, and the second one has pentagrams. There's even more options that you can click through on those two listings, which include crosses or snakes. And then of course there's a classic multipack with spiderwebs.

One of my favorite things to do is layer a pair of flesh colored tights under fishnets for my costumes. It helps if the temps are a little chilly, and I love the smoothing/shaping effect. You can also layer a colorful pair of tights for a different look.

Have a fabulous and fun Halloween, folks!

For transparency sake you should know that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 100% of these earnings go toward flow arts community projects like Fort Worth Fire Beats.



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